Applicators for Bird Netting

There are a variety of netting applicators available, but over the past 17 years we have learned that the simplest, most durable, and most straightforward option is the best.  We have designed an applicator for drape over nets that we can manufacture, or, alternatively; provide the drawings for you to manufacture yourself.  If you have an interest in an alternate product, or have specfic netting requirements that our existing applicator doesn't satisfy, contact us and we can connect you with the products you need.

Drape over Applicator

birdnetting applicator drapeover cherries vineyard

  • Durable: fabricated out of steel, applicators can handle some punishment.
  • Simple: any damage can easily be repaired at a local shop.  No specialty parts.
  • Inexpensive: we can fabricate the applicator at cost, or provide the drawings to allow you to build it yourself.
  • Easy to use: once your tractor’s forks have been modified, it only takes a couple minutes to install and get to work.
  • Time tested:  We have been using our own applicator for 17 years without any problems, and over time we have streamlined and enhanced the applicator to its current iteration.



ZonenetTM Sidenet Applicators

Sidenet Zonenet Applicator for Bird Netting

  • Hydraulicly operated
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Mounts on any tractor
  • Adjustable for various netting sizes

If you have a non-standard application requirement, contact us and we will help you design the applicator you need.