agriculture consulting solutions engineering asia africa middle eastA range of consulting experience

  • International consulting technical advisory services and policy advice to national government agencies, NGOs and private sector companies working in agriculture.
  • Clients include (but are not limited to): all of the world’s international development banks (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc); both multilateral and bi-lateral funding agencies (UNDP, CIDA, IFAD, etc.); Non-Governmental Organizations (OXFAM, CARE, ACCC, etc); large-scale private sector agribusinesses; producer associations and organizations; family farming operations; and integrated fruit growers, packers and wholesalers.  
  • FarmSolutions faces intense competition in all aspects of this business.  We have been successful through providing high quality services at a fair price; and by being able to provide clients with valuable advice and guidance.  We enjoy a considerable amount of repeat business with both international and North America clients

Bringing our experience and expertise to growers like you

International agricultural input provision to corporate agribusinesses in the Middle East and Asia.  This includes spare parts, new machinery, specialized agri-food equipment, seeds, fertilizers and other specialized products (polymers, flocculants, wax, etc).  We specialize in sourcing difficult to track down items.  If you have a need to sources agri-inputs or spare parts from a wide range of suppliers, we will be able to save you money and facilitate this task.

Always on the technological forefront of the agricultural industry.

  •  Livestock research (Oman)
  • Crop research (Oman, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh)
  • Tissue culture development (USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan)
  • Agri-food research (Malaysia, South Korea, China, Singapore, Brunei)
  • Agricultural biotechnology (USA, Canada, Chile, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Australia)