Vineyard Nets

Depending on the size of vines, the trellis system being used, and the desired aesthetic, different net dimensions, weights, and systems will be required.  To meet these varied needs, Neal Carter and Associates Ltd. Provides a range of different nets.

Drapeover Nets

Drapeover nets are the easiest to apply, take off, and provide the highest quality of coverage.  Most commonly used sizes in vineyards are 5mx400m and 6.5mx300m, though in some high-density vineyards a 10mx200m net can be draped over multiple rows simultaneously. 

drapeover net birdnetting vineyard bird protectionProduct Features:

  • TCP Classic Knitted Bird Net 30g/m2
  • White HDPE monfilament 0.6% CIBA 783 UV inhibitor
  • Reinforced selvedges
  • Lock stitch knit contruction
  • 10 year UV warranty
  • 15mm opening


ZonenetTM Sidenets

Zonenet™ sidenets are the most cost efficient and unobtrusive form of bird protection.  The applicator is expensive, but the nets themselves are almost 40% cheaper than the drapeover varieties.  This is because side net only covers the growing region of the vines, which means it is fastened to the trellis.  It is more time consuming to apply, but provides complete bird protection..

Zonenet sidenet birdnetting vineyard bird protection net

Product Features

  • Zonenet™ Knitted Bird Net 26g/m2
  • BlackHDPE monfilament 0.6% CIBA 783 UV inhibitor
  • 25mm reinforced selvedge
  • Edge stablized
  • Lock stitch knit contruction
  • 10 year UV warranty
  • 12mm opening


We also weave custom nets to any weight, dimension, or opening requested, and have designed and built net structures, so regardless of the layout of your farm, we can provide coverage.