Resource Industry

Meet compliance obligations

The Alberta government has implemented a mandate within s.155 of their Environmental Protection and Enhancement Acts whereby “A person who keeps, stores or transports a hazardous substance or pesticide shall do so in a manner that ensures that the hazardous substance or pesticide does not directly or indirectly come into contact with or contaminate any animals, plants, food or drink.”

Our netting products provide the coverage to be compliant with this mandate.  Our range of products have the burst strength and UV stabilization to be left up year round without suffering from the weather and exposure found in northern Alberta and British Columbia.

We are flexible and tailor our product to your needs

Hydraulic fracturing ponds and tanks are the primary sector into which we sell our nets, but covering for oil sand tailings ponds is also something we can design and enable.

As we are an engineering firm originally, custom structure design and tailoring our products to specific needs is something we are specialized in, any requirement your company might have, we can fill it.